A pre-vetting inspection is a risk assessment procedure which can help to reduce the risk of negative observations during the vetting process by pointing out and fixing the identified problem areas before the actual vetting inspection takes place.

Assistance to ship operators is provided throughout the entire vetting process, including pre-vetting inspections and attendance of oil, chemical and gas tankers with a sharp focus on safety management and crew training.

During a pre-vetting inspection, our inspector joins the vessel and carries out a thorough Pre-Vetting Inspection based on the SIRE Vetting programme, as well as the latest OCIMF Vessel Inspection Questionnaire (VIQ) and CDI Vetting Questionnaire. The reason for a pre-vetting inspection lies in the need to overcome the deficiencies inherent in the existing ship operation system before the upcoming vetting.

TOCPRO team of fully qualified personnel will:

  • Inspect the vessel;
  • Identify the existing problem areas and possible areas of improvement;
  • Provide a comprehensive report;
  • Supply the report with visual aids (photos, digital images) and submit the report to the office key staff for further review and subsequent follow-up.