ISM/ISPS audits are concerned with systematically organized and documented shipping practices regarding safety and security systems within the shipping companies and on board required for the safe operation of ships and for the protection of marine environment.

TOCPRO team offers valuable ISM/ISPS consultancy services. If required, our experienced personnel will set up a new system on board and in the office, as well as provide the necessary assistance from setting up the system till its implementation and certification from the classification society.

TOCPRO personnel are fully qualified to conduct ISM/ISPS Internal Audits both on board and at the company offices. We can assist the DPA/CSO with audits, or conduct the audits alone according to the company requirements.

The experience we have gained in internal audits allows us to identify areas in the Safety Management System (SMS) or Ship Security Plan (SSP), which are liable to the selection by external auditors. Moreover, our experience shows that it is more cost-efficient and less time-consuming for a company to identify potential problem areas during their internal audits and deal with them promptly, rather than opt for time-constrained solutions imposed by External Auditing Authority.

TOCPRO team possesses extensive knowledge and understanding of the standards and invaluable experience implementing security, quality, environment and Safety Management Systems.

On completion of the ISM/ISPS Audit we ensure that a well-documented and fully confidential report is submitted to the management, indicating:

  • A list of deficiencies identified;
  • A list of benefits and drawbacks of the SMS/SSP implementation;
  • A detailed analysis of the specific corrective actions to be taken;
  • A list of priorities to be set in order to improve the overall effectiveness of the corrective actions.