TOCPRO team offers a staff training procedure in the identified weaknesses of the vessel being attended. This is done by carrying out an intensive Pre-Vetting inspection of the vessel using the OCIMF/CDI VIQ. It gives a right picture of the training the crew needs, rather than the focus being on general training.

The specific training for ship’s staff can be provided straightaway upon the completion of Pre-Vetting inspection. If the training is not required urgently, it can be postponed to a later date onboard or ashore.

In addition, TOCPRO team can offer your crew members an in-depth training for special cases.

These specialized training programs cover, but are not limited to, a wide range of topics which can be helpful for the ship’s staff to become more proficient in particular skills, concerning tanker cargo or the operation of cargo equipment.

The following training courses are offered for your crew:

  • IMO Conventions and Codes. Implementation of the new regulations;
  • IMO Codes. Detailed technical specifications;
  • Crude oil tanker. Safe operations in port. Crude Oil washing (COW);
  • Chemical tanker. Safe operations in port. Multiple operations (loading, discharging, tank cleaning);
  • Liquefied gas carrier. Safe operations in port. Preparation for loading;
  • Handling toxic cargoes;
  • N2 plants and danger of using Nitrogen;
  • Gas detection instruments. Operation and calibration;
  • Gas freeing. Enclosed spaces safe entry procedure;
  • Risk management;
  • Incident and accident investigation techniques;
  • Paint management.