The course is designed to help the seafarers and shore-based staff to be up-to-date with the latest regulatory demands. It lays emphasis on the correct methods in order to meet the requirements and prevent abuse of the environment.

The issue of marine pollution and marine environment protection is approached via numerous exercises, case studies, publications and experience sharing.

Upon completion of the course the participant will be able to:

  • Understand and possess the knowledge of the regulatory requirements of MARPOL, OPA 90 and other relevant IMO Conventions for pollution prevention;
  • Follow the correct method of filing up Oil Record Book, Cargo Record Book, Garbage Record Book and ways to improve the Garbage Management Plan;
  • Carry out the reporting procedures and ways to minimize the outflow of oil as per SOPEP and VRP.

Course Contents:

  • MARPOL Annexes and future amendments;
  • Oil, Cargo, Garbage Record Books workshop;
  • SOPEP, SMPEP, OPA 90 and VRP (Vessel Response Plan);
  • Waste Management Planning;
  • Ballast Water Management;
  • Case studies and experience sharing.

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