The International Maritime Organization (IMO) has recently approved amendments to the international SOLAS convention, detailing a carriage requirement of the Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS).

This does not automatically enable the vessel to sail paperless as the requirement is for a single ECDIS. A single ECDIS can be used for navigation but it requires a backup by paper charts or a secondary ECDIS.

Owners, operators and charterers have to be informed of the implications of having to use ECDIS as a compulsory system, which influences not only the safe bridge management procedures on their fleets but also requires for the ship officers to undergo further and continued training in ECDIS.

The procedures that have to be followed in a limited time range include the following:

  • Identification of the compliance deadline and selection of a supplier;
  • Providing training for the crew and establishment of the operating procedure;
  • Producing a draft of a risk assessment and installation plan;
  • Installation of ECDIS and hastening chart supply contracts and delivery logistics.

TOCPRO team will gladly assist you in clarifying any doubts about ECDIS implementation and regulation, as well as to make the right choice based on the needs of a particular vessel or fleet.

After the purchase TOCPRO team may assist in the adoption of your ISM manual and the establishment of bridge and navigation procedures. Our experienced auditors will test the skills of your navigators and prepare them for an upcoming vetting.

TOCPRO team makes the ECDIS implementation experience as simple as possible, ensuring that clients they get a reliable system with long-lasting results.