TOCPRO team has extensive experience in assisting ship owners and managers with the following documentation:

  • Preparing new Procedures and Arrangements Manual for chemical tankers and oil tankers (NLS certificate) as per the MARPOL Annex II regulations and coordination with Class for the approval of the same;
  • Carrying out Ship and Port Facility Security Assessment and preparing Ship and Port Facility Security Plans;
  • Preparing the SOPEP/SMPEP manuals and coordination with Class for approval;
  • Setting up ISM systems for emerging ship management companies;
  • Review of ISM manuals, with special focus on oil, chemical and gas tankers for the improvement and streamlining of shipboard operations;
  • Preparing the Ballast Water Management Plans and coordinating with Class for approval;
  • Preparing ECDIS Procedures Manual to accompany Ship’s Safety Management System (SMS) regarding the use of ECDIS for navigation and route planning;
  • Other manuals required for the safety of the vessel and the crew.