TOCPRO team can carry out advisory and cargo supervision activities for specialized cargo, as well as for specialized vessels like chemical and gas tankers.

TOCPRO team can provide professional and constructive advice to ship owners, operators, Masters and customers to ensure that the commercially managed fleet of oil, chemical and gas tankers is operated in optimal conditions.

Our team consisting of qualified and experienced surveyors can:

  • Provide operational support to vessels in order to optimize port operational efficiency and turnaround;
  • Establish and maintain operational contact between ship and terminal;
  • Provide advisory activities to ship owners, operators, Masters in matters related to cargo handling, including tank cleaning and use of operational equipment onboard, as well as assist in the development of the most optimal stowage plan on board a vessel;
  • Offer periodic assignments to supervisors on board tankers in order to provide advisory activities concerning cargo operation and tank cleaning operations.