Why assistance?

Recent developments have seen new entrants in to the oil, chemical and gas market possessing considerable experience in the oil market but lacking guidance in bridging the gap between operating oil, chemical and gas tankers.

TOCPRO team has successfully assisted several ship owners and ship operators in setting up their oil, chemical or gas tanker operations cell.

Our assistance includes the following activities:

  • Raising awareness of the shore staff of the regulations concerning oil, chemical and gas tanker trade (ISGOTT, BCH and IBC Code, GC and IGC Code, ICS Tanker Safety Guide for Chemical and Liquefied Gas Tanker, USCG FOSFA Regulations);
  • Training for the shore staff in the preparation and analysis of the cargo stowage plans;
  • Advisory activities concerning the requirements of chemical substances at time of fixing the cargo;
  • Day to day operation of oil, chemical or gas tankers;
  • Guidance concerning the requirements of cleaning cargo tanks;
  • Guidance concerning the preparation of oil, chemical or gas tankers for loading, which include: pre-transfer preparation, loading cargo, unloading cargo, STS cargo operations;
  • Advisory activities concerning the preparation of the required documentation;
  • Guidance concerning new build tankers, offering practical suggestions regarding shipboard equipment, which helps tremendously in improving the operational efficiency of the vessel once it is brought in to trade.