TOCPRO team provides high quality inspection services to ensure the compliance with national and international regulations. We provide consulting, training, documentation, gap analysis and third party inspections to assist our clients in effectively managing their activities.

We can provide inspectors for Independent Condition Surveys to monitor the condition and management of your vessels, undertake ship inspections on behalf of banks, financial institutions, investors and ship owners.

Areas covered include cargo systems, deck and navigational equipment, accommodation, machinery systems and maintenance, logbooks, information on trade, performance reports, safety equipment and safety consciousness, records and status related to classification and maritime administrations.

Individual reports can be provided in our own format or in a format according to the client’s requirements.

Moreover, TOCPRO can assist in the preparation for the Port State Control (PSC) inspections.

We provide:

  • Assistance in the preparation for the Port State Control inspection, providing a comprehensive outline of Port State Control inspection system, as well as action codes;
  • Ship inspection in order to ensure the compliance with statutory rules and regulations;
  • Identification of potential problem areas which could cause detention or serious deficiencies;
  • A detailed analysis of the specific corrective actions to be taken;
  • Training for ship officers and company personnel on statutory rules and regulations to prepare vessels for Port State Control inspections.