In order to retain a class license, a vessel must carry out planned dry-docking regularly, once every five years. This process is compulsory for the renewal of the license and continuous operation of the vessel. In situations where a vessel was involved in a collision or suffered under water damage the vessel will be brought in for unplanned dry-dock repairs.

SOLAS requires all merchant vessels to perform a complete inspection of the hull in a dry-dock twice within 5 year period. The intermediate survey must not exceed 3 year period. It includes the maintenance of hull, propeller, rudder and other parts situated underwater and not normally accessible by ship staff during navigation. One of the two docking surveys within the 5 year period should coincide with a special survey. A Docking Survey is considered to coincide with the Special Survey when held within the 15 months prior to the due date of the Special Survey.

TOCPRO provides customized ship repair consultancy services to meet the specific requirements of our clients. Besides customized technical specification, we advise our clients on the most feasible and economical facilities along the trading route of the ship. TOCPRO team also provides on site guidance, training and support during ship-repair works.

TOCPRO team can manage all aspects of dry-docking including pre-docking arrangements, assessment of necessary action, drafting and analysis of detailed dry-dock specifications, holding consultations with subcontractors, brokers and marine superintendents.