Assessment coverage

Assessment modules are developed specifically for Tanker Deck Officers holding operational level or management level position. Assessment items/tools are selected and well-suited to evaluate the candidate’s technical know-how and proficiency in the position held as a Tanker Officer in accordance with INTERTANKO Tanker Officer Training Standards (TOTS).

The assessment module consists of written, oral and practical assessment covering the areas per specific type of vessel (petroleum, chemical and gas tanker).

Assessment Results

Analysis of the assessment results, corresponding evaluative marks and findings are formally summarized on an assessment report form. Results of the written, oral and practical assessments are evaluated using standardized rating scale. A detailed analysis of the strengths and weaknesses, as well as the recommended training and guidance are highlighted in the assessment report.

Target clients

TOCPRO assessment modules are open to all Tanker Deck Officers requiring an assessment of the capabilities in the corresponding capacity/position (according to the level). 

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