What is our Condition Assessment for Cargo Systems (CACS)?

Our Condition Assessment for Cargo Systems (CACS) is a thoroughly designed quality measurement tool for older vessels focusing on the technical and functional condition. CACS is designed for all types of tankers older than 15 years but may as well be used for the assessment of any tankers.

Inspections are conducted in compliance with the standards and requirements set by ship owners or managing company.

Cargo handling systems are assessed in terms of their functionality and capacity as specified in the respective specifica­tions for the equipment.

Purpose of CACS

  • To assess the vessel condition by considering the actual situation on board rather than the age;
  • To establish the basis for decision making processes on repair or investments in order to extend the life span of the vessel;
  • To ensure the safest cargo transportation possible;
  • To document the technical condition of a vessel cargo system in order to evaluate the potential cost-effectiveness of the vessel.

CACS detailed report

CACS detailed report contains:

  • Statement of the factual information including particulars of the vessel;
  • Executive summary of the findings obtained from inspection and risk analysis;
  • Technical reports containing de­scriptions, observations and ratings;
  • Photographic evidence reflecting the average condition of the vessel;
  • General conclusion from inspection findings.

View the sample report and learn more about Condition Assessment for Cargo Systems (CACS)